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Learn How to Create Trendy Colored Ribbons in Photoshop by Gul

As you all know Brushsoulz is an Ultimate High quality Graphic resources site but today we are starting a new category of Design tutorial, where you can learn some amazing techniques to enhance your designs and creations. Now lets start with our Ribbon tutorial shall we. Ribbons are there in the field of web designing for quite some time now but still they are very in. In fact, their viagra overnight delivery trend is becoming more wide spread now. Why ribbons are so trending, answer is simple, they draw users’ attention instantly by giving the illusion of depth. So, ribbons are a great place to display important information. Ribbons can be used to display content including logos, call to action and critical info. At the same time, ribbons enhance your website design greatly if used appropriately.

Today, I am going to guide you to create your own set of gorgeous ribbons through few very simple steps in Photoshop. You can scale them to any size and get them in any color you want. Let’s get started.


Program: Photoshop CS 5

Approximate time: 15 – 20 Minutes

Let’s have a look at our final result first.


Step 1:

Create a new file in Photoshop with 2000px Width and 1400px Height.


Step 2:

Fill the background with color # e6e4e3, using ‘Paint Bucket Tool’. And then go to Filters> Noise> Add noise and use the following settings in the window that appears.

Step 3:

Now select the ‘Rounded Rectangular Tool’ to draw this shape. And fill it with any color you like. I used # 9643fd fill.

Step 4:

Click ‘Ctrl+R’ to view the rulers and bring the vertical ruler to the center of you rectangular, so that you can draw the next shape exactly from its center. Now make a new layer, select the ‘Pen Tool’ and draw a triangle as shown below.

Step 5:

Right click your mouse and choose the option of ‘Make Selection’ to select this triangular shape, which is made using the ‘Pen Tool’.

Step 6:

Go to Select> Inverse, as shown below and then click on the rectangular layer and ‘Add Layer Mask’. In this way, you should be able to get the ribbon shape as displayed below.

Step 7:

Right click on the ‘Vector Mask’ that we lastly applied and choose the option of ‘Rasterize Vector Mask’. Label this layer as ‘ribbon’.

Now stay on this ribbon layer, go to Layer> Layer style> Drop shadow and use the following setting for adding drop shadow.


Step 8:

Now tadalafil 20mg we are going to make the stroke of our ribbon. For this create a new layer, and select the ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’ and make the stroke for the left side of ribbon as shown below.

Fill this left stroke with color # 5f11c1 using the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’. Click ‘Ctrl+D’ to deselect it.

Step 9:

Copy this left sided stroke and paste it in a new layer. Now drag it to the right side of ribbon to form the right sided stroke.

Step 10:

Once again copy and paste this stroke in a new layer and this time rotate it 90 degree by clicking on Edit> Transform> Rotate90◦. Take this rotated stroke to the top of this ribbon.



Create a new layer, select ‘Pen Tool’ to make a triangle as displayed below. Now right click and choose ‘Make Selection’ for selecting this triangle and fill it with the same darker color for stroke #5f11c1. Click ‘Ctrl+D’ to deselect it.

Step 12:

Now merge all these stroke layers by selecting them using ‘Shift’ and then click ‘Ctrl+E’. Label it as ‘stroke’. Now click on this stroke layer then click ‘Ctrl + Ribbon layer’. By doing so, ribbon layer will get selected underneath the stroke as shown below.

Now click on ‘Add Layer Mask’. In this way, you will have a nice stroke for your ribbon. You can adjust canadian pharmacy the width of your stroke by positioning it properly in the first place.

Stay on the stroke layer and click on Layer> Layer style> Bevel and Emboss and use the following settings.

Step 13:

Next we are going to add glow to our ribbon. Create a new layer just above the ribbon layer by going to Layer> New> Layer; label it as ‘glow’. Select the ‘Soft Round Brush Tool’, choose # ffffff color and use the brush as below.

In the blending mode, use ‘Soft Light’. Click on the glow layer, then ‘Ctrl + Ribbon layer’ and now click on the ‘Add Layer Mask’ so that this glow is confined to your ribbon.

Step 14:

Now we have to give our ribbon some texture. You can use any texture you want; I used metallic rusted http://sildenafilgeneric4ed.com/ texture for this. Open the texture, copy and paste it on a new layer just above the ribbon layer. Keep the opacity of this layer to 75% and use ‘Overlay’ blending mode.

Click on the texture layer, then ‘Ctrl + Ribbon layer’ and after that, click on the ‘Add Layer Mask’ so that this texture is confined to your ribbon only.

Step 15:

We are going to make stitches for our ribbon now. For this, create a new layer above the rest. Create a small rectangle using ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’ and fill it with color # 000000 using ‘Paint Bucket Tool’. Now we have to make copies of this rectangle to make stitches. To do so, select the ‘Move Tool’ and keep it over this rectangle and press ‘Alt’ and drag new rectangle down a bit. Now again, take the ‘Move Tool’ over this new rectangle and press ‘Alt’ button to copy it and drag it down. Repeat the same process a number of times to get the required length of stitches for left side of your ribbon.

Drag it to the left side of ribbon. Now copy and paste this layer to make stitches for the right side of ribbon and for the top as shown below. You can delete the unwanted area of stitch line by selecting it using ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’ and then go to Edit> Clear. You can combine these 3 stitches layer by selecting all tadalafil dosage 3 pressing ‘Shift’ button and then click ‘Ctrl+E’.

Step 16:

Now click on Layer> Layer style> Color Overlay and use the following settings to color your stitch layer.

Step 17:

Our ribbon is ready now; next step is for adding text on it. So, create a new layer above the rest. Select the ‘Type Tool’ and pick # f6f7f7 color. Type in text with the font of your choice; adjust its size to fit in your ribbon.

Click on Layer> Layer style> Blending options and use the following settings to give more depth to the text.


Step 18:

Now select all the layers by pressing ‘Shift’ and combine them in a group. Label this group as ‘Violet Ribbon’. You can duplicate this group and by changing color of ribbon shape, stroke and stitches, you can create your very own collection of colorful ribbons.

Hope you enjoyed learning these gorgeous ribbons. Do share your thoughts.

Here is its final look. You can download the detailed Psd of this tutorial.

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